BAM ARCHIVES ( 2015 -  )



August 25 - October 09, 2016

Three galleries were devoted to work by Houston-based artist Delita Martin.  Two collections of her powerful, large-scale portraits of women of color were on view in the entry and main galleries in the exhibitions I Walked on Water to my Homeland and her recent series, Night Women. They combine printmaking, drawing, painting, collage, stitching and the application of found objects to create portraits of various women in her community.

In the Kays Gallery Martin exhibited an installation titled ”Dinner Table.”  According to the artist, this is a new direction for her and a nod to feminist artist Judy Chicago’s seminal work, “Dinner Party.” 

Martin states, “The project is about the exploration of sisterhood among women of color. Through a series of hand-drawn portraits on plates, I have created a space, a dining room, historically thought of as a domestic space or a woman’s domain and changed it to a place of prayer, where women can bond, tell stories, solve problems and lift each other up. I believe installation brings an extra dimension in how people connect to the art. Connection and interaction are at the core of all my artwork. I am fascinated with the idea of the viewer being able to connect to a culture and people that may be unfamiliar to them.”

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