August 26 - October 3, 2010

True Grit featured the work of five American artists with exceptionally long and productive careers who continue to make thought-provoking work. Averaging 80 years of age, Judith K. Brodsky, Peter Campus, Warrington Colescott, Larry Edwards and Lee Friedlander have each developed careers spanning more than fifty years that show no signs of slowing down. As inventive and courageous as ever, their artistic practices continue to project a sense of curiosity and engagement with the larger world of ideas. The exhibition was intended not only as homage, but also as inquiry. What fuels the unwavering devotion of these artists to work and career? Curators Les Christensen and John Salvest felt that such an investigation into the motivational forces driving these artists well past the traditional retirement age has implications beyond the art world –- an uncovering of the physical, cerebral and spiritual capabilities of the human condition. In a culture preoccupied with newness and mesmerized by youth, isn’t there still something to be learned from that which endures? 
True Grit was previously on view at the Salina Art Center in Salina, Kansas from January 29 through April 18, 2010.