BAM ARCHIVES ( 2015 -  )



January 26 - February 26, 2017

Included in this show were talented, working artists in the local area.

I view art pieces as containers that hold the substance of the art work. My art is filled with personal symbols that are depicted in a unique, yet familiar manner synthesized from high art and popular culture influences. The symbols I render are often abstracted from existing cultural imagery and refined to fit the individual context of each art work.

g i r l - f r i e n d sis a series of paintings about friendships as intimate building blocks of a soul.
Girlfriends, mother, grandmother were my inspiration; half-remembered memories spring on canvas in the monochroma of dreams; life unfolds between lights and shadows. Thus coloring becomes of secondary importance.
Each painting focuses on moments of perfect balance around which every of the nine stories revolves.
I aimed to incite viewer's personal moments of nostalgia, bliss, melancholy or wonder using the anonymous building blocks of my soul.

Having grown up in a nature loving family, it is only natural that I gravitate to the outdoors for my subject.
Ralph Waldo Emerson's quote, "the earth laughs in flowers" is a favorite as I enjoy painting flowers.

My work is about brushwork, distortion, simplification and representation. The subject is only important because I find it paintable. The goal of each piece is for the viewer to experience the force of the brush, the gestural marks and the fragmentation of the form. My expression is the paint and in a small way the subject. The ordinary is extraordinary because it has become paint.