December 10 - December 18, 2015

In October, three Jonesboro High School art classes, AP Studio Art, Pre-AP Design and Composition and 10th grade Advanced Art, visited the museum and participated in an onsite program.  After a discussion with each class about the exhibitions and artwork on view, the students were asked to select a piece that they reacted to most strongly.  The assignment was to write a statement and create an artwork of their own based on the work they had chosen.  Together these two components constituted their response to the artwork which inspired them.  

The project, coordinated by David Leggett, Wes Miller, Shawn Wright and Natalie Yauger of Jonesboro High School continued back in the classroom.  In November Bradbury Art Museum staff visited the school to talk with the students about the artist’s statements they had been writing.  As they continued with that aspect of the project their teachers assisted with their visual art response.

More than 50 students submitted their projects and 18 works were selected for the juried exhibition, formerly titled Open Response: Work by JHS Students. Chucki Bradbury of Little Rock, Arkansas who is BAM’s namesake, visited the school and chose the works for inclusion in the competitive exhibition.