March 9 - April 15, 2006

This exhibition featured numerous works of art that depict or make reference to the horizon line. Leslie Furlong one of the artists in the exhibition, stated, “Located where the earth and sky meet, the horizon is seen as a variable constant.” This is especially true in this exhibition as all works of art were hung, placed or projected onto a continuous line that ringed the gallery.

Included in the exhibition were twenty six regionally, nationally and internationally-recognized artists. Four of these artists, Roger Carlisle, Tom Chaffee, Gayle Pendergrass and John Salvest, professors at ASU, lived and worked in Jonesboro. Additional works by Janine Antoni, Will Barnet, Federico Castellon, Donna Conlon, Ralston Crawford, Leslie Furlong and Keith Jacobshagen completed this diverse exhibition which consisted of a wide range of techniques and styles.