March 2 - April 18, 2004

Throughout the history of man every culture has placed significance on the flower. It is a symbol of fertility, secrecy, love and death. It represents the life cycle, eternal hope and the transitory nature of existence. The flower is a symbol of worship and sympathy and it accompanies us to the grave. No matter the meaning each culture has assigned to it, the flower has found a prominent place in language and art and by extension in the history of man. 

In Wallflowers 16 artists shared their own individual perspectives and interpretations of this time-honored symbol. For each of them, the underlying purpose for depicting the flower is as varied as the resulting work.

Keith Achepohl, Jacqueline Bishop, Blake Boyd, Jerry Brackett, Larry Edwards, Huger Foote, Shea Hembrey, Scott Ingram, Tad Lauritzen Wright, Cheryl Lavers, Sally Markell, Pam Myrose, David Nester Bradley Sabin, Mary Sims, & Pam Wagner.